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Laura Penner

Laura P - Showreel
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Laura has a clear, warm and versatile voice, speaking in a well intoned neutral North American accent. Laura's voice ranges from deep, and sultry to youthful and exuberant and is well suited for commercial and corporate work as well as character voices and audiobook.

Debbie Bridge

Debbie B - Showreel
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Debbie has a mellow, pleasant, nice, standard American voice. She has a wide and dynamic range spanning from young child to Mum to quirky. As a trained actor and opera singer, Debbie brings great versatility to her characters with a special love of baddies for games/animation work. Accents: Southern, New York, Canadian, RP, Western American, German (2nd language – fluent) and French.


Lisa Rost-Welling

Lisa R-W - Showreel
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Lisa has a friendly, clear, trustworthy neutral American voice. She has a wide and dynamic tonal range spanning from deep and rich to bright and perky. As a trained actor and singer, Lisa brings great versatility to character work with a special panache for child and teen voices and a variety of American accents

Jacqueline Harper

Jacqueline Harper - Voicefox.jpeg
Jacqueline H - Showreel
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Speaking with a clear, non-regional American accent, Jacqueline has a warm, smooth and engaging voice. Her theatre training and on-screen experience strengthens her adaptability, making her voice ideal for commercials, audiobooks, video games and corporate work. Previous clients include Google. 

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Daniela Acitelli

Daniele A - Showreel
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Daniela has a lovely versatile voice which can be described as sultry, classic and straight forward

Billie Jo Konze

Billie Jo K - Commercial Reel
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With her native neutral American accent, Billie Jo's voice is girl-next-door relatable, and she brings warmth and intelligence to professional scripts, as well as more quirky character roles. Billie Jo brings extensive training and more than a decade of experience acting in theater and on-camera to her voice work, as well as the ability to perform numerous regional American dialects.