Kandy Rohmann

K Rohmann - Commercial Reel

A friendly listenable voice that is reassuring and homely.

Debbie Bridge

D Bridge - Voicereel
Debbie Bridge - Gaming Reel
Debbie Bridge - Animation Reel

Debbie has a mellow, pleasant, nice, standard American voice. She has a wide and dynamic range spanning from young child to Mum to quirky. As a trained actor and opera singer, Debbie brings great versatility to her characters with a special love of baddies for games/animation work. Accents: Southern, New York, Canadian, RP, Western American, German (2nd language – fluent) and French.

Andromeda Godfrey

A Godfrey - Commercial Reel
A Godfrey - Narrative Reel

A neutral American accent that is clear, intelligent & confident. As an experienced actress she delivers well for both narrative & promo work.

Lisa Rost-Welling

L Rost-Welling - Commercial Reel
L Rost-Welling - Narrative Reel
L Rost-Welling - Audiobook Reel

Lisa has a friendly, clear, trustworthy neutral American voice. She has a wide and dynamic tonal range spanning from deep and rich to bright and perky. As a trained actor and singer, Lisa brings great versatility to character work with a special panache for child and teen voices and a variety of American accents

Jacqueline Harper

Jacqueline Harper - Voicefox.jpeg
J Harper - Commercial Reel

Speaking with a clear, non-regional American accent, Jacqueline has a warm, smooth and engaging voice. Her theatre training and on-screen experience strengthens her adaptability, making her voice ideal for commercials, audiobooks, video games and corporate work. Previous clients include Google. 

Billie Jo Konze

Billie Jo Konze - Commercial Demo 2021 V2.0
B Jo Konze Explainer Reel
B Jo Konze - E Learning Reel

With her native neutral American accent, Billie Jo's voice is girl-next-door relatable, and she brings warmth and intelligence to professional scripts, as well as more quirky character roles. Billie Jo brings extensive training and more than a decade of experience acting in theater and on-camera to her voice work, as well as the ability to perform numerous regional American dialects.