Brandon NeSmith

Brandon NeSmith.jpg
Brandon NeSmith - Commercial Reel

The friendly, if sometimes sarcastic, guy next door.

Sasha Goguel

Sasha Goguel-headshot voicefox.jpg
Sasha Goguel - Commercial Reel US
Sasha Goguel - Corporate reel US

Jean Françoise Donaldson

Jean-Francois Donaldson Headshot
Jean-Francois Donaldson - Demo_Commercia
Jean-Francois Donaldson Demo_Narration_.
Jean-Francois Donaldson Demo_Narration_.

Jean-Francois Donaldson a Voice Arts Award Nominee has been in the industry for 10+ years. He has been the voice of numerous companies for years giving them exactly what they are wanting so their focus is on other things. Getting their projects done efficiently and amazingly!

Sebastian Brown

Sebastian Brown - Commercial Demo
Sebastian Brown - Corporate Demo
Sebastian Brown - Narrative Demo
Sebastian Brown -Gaming Demo

Sebastian was raised between North America and the UK, giving him a naturally Trans-Atlantic voice. 

His versatile voice is rich, warm, and assured, and he has experience across many genres, from 

commercials and corporates to audiobooks and video games. Sebastian is a classically trained actor 

from the Guildford School of Acting. 

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