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Alix Martin - TV Narration

Alix is an actor, first and foremost. She brings her more than 20 years as a professional stage actor, and years of experience as a professional voice actor, to every job she does. With a neutral American accent, and a warm, intelligent tone, her voice suits everything from commercials to narration to promo work. And her acting skills make her a great fit for animation, video games and character work. 

Alix Martin

Alix Martin - Commercial Rell
Jenn Wong - Commercial Demo
Jenn Wong - Narration Reel
Jenn Wong-Animation

Jenn has a sassy, clear conversational voice with a neutral American accent that ranges from youthful exuberance to sultry charm. It is sensible and reliable, equally at home in corporate narration and commercials, with a special knack for making complicated jargon sound simple and relatable. A trained actor and singer, Jenn has played many characters in animation and video games, crafting characters ranging from innocent teens to old hags, employing a variety of American dialects as well as many international accents.

Jenn Wong

Samantha Schnitzler

Samantha Schnitzler - Commercial_Reel
Samantha Schnitzler - Corporate_Reel
Samantha Schnitzler - Game Character_Reel

Samantha is an experienced Film, TV and Mocap actress, voice over artist and movement specialist. Her voice can be described as Friendly, Reassuring, Upbeat and Conversational. Trilingual in US English, French and Spanish, she can currently be seen as series regular Captain Harris on Sky’s new sci-fi TV show Intergalactic.