C Holt - Kids Voice Reel

Sweet , Youthful, Warm, Fun, Sympathetic, Singing, Excitable, Childlike, Believable, Soft Spoken, Conversational, Natural, Genuine, Upbeat, Calming, Storyteller, Characters, Endearing, Gentle, Warm, Friendly,  Sincere

Carly Holt

C Holt - Commercial Reel
Stephanie Cannon - Corporate Narration R
Stephanie Cannon - Documentary Narration
Stephanie Cannon - Gaming-Reel

Stephanie has a smooth, young, clear and engaging neutral US accent. With extensive training and experience as a theatre actress, Stephanie has an impressive range of characters and accents used for gaming, animation, audio drama and more.  Her natural midatlantic sound is perfect for Corporate Narration and E-Learning.  

Stephanie Cannon

Stephanie Cannon - Commercial Reel

Maria Pendolino

M Pendolino - Commercial Reel
M Pendolino - Corporate Reel
M Pendolino - E Learning
M Pendolino - Animation Reel

‚ÄčMaria is a female millennial voice talent that is warm, conversational, friendly, upbeat, sassy, relatable, funny and real. 

K Brennan - Commercial Reel
K Brennan - E Learning
K Brennan - Kid Voice Reel

Bright, warm, smiling, fun,sassy, wry, sarcastic, witty, sultry, sexy, strong and smooth and caring, sincere, inspiring and knowledgeable.

Kelly Brennan

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