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Alexander Devrient

Alexander is a very experienced VO with hundreds of recordings under his belt. He voices in his native German with a High German accent, in English with a 'Continental' European, French or German accent, and in his native French with a Belgian accent.

Alexander is extremely versatile and can easily go from young, fresh, and dynamic tones to richer, warmer, and controlled deliveries. 

Whether it's in the commercial or corporate realm, e-learning or IVR, games or narration, ADR or lip-synch, Alexander will be able to suit your needs. 

Alexander Devrient - English ('Continental'
Alexander Devrient - Games Reel_Accented Eng
Alexander Devrient - English (French Accent
Alexander Devrient - French(Belgian Accente
Alexander Devrient - German - Commercial
Alexander Devrient - German_Corporate